Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Review of The GunBrick Book by Jeff Boen

I have been a fan of LEGO for a long time and this really piqued my interest. I was a little worried because of the look of the finished projects and it's something you really should take into account. The finished models look quite real, especially from a distance and an abundance of caution should be taken on where you keep these.
The book itself does an excellent job explaining how to make each model. I really was impressed by the quality of the pictures and the level of detail for each gun model. It gives a full bill of materials so you know what you need to build one. Then it goes through and gives you great pictures of how to build each gun.
What was really interesting is that they also "work" in the sense that you can pull the top of the gun back or pull the trigger and it will go back into place because of the rubber bands that are used to allow movement.
The final model is a working rubber band gun and is fun, although you need to make sure not to aim at people or animals (according to the book). They do a good job warning people of the potential hazards but come on, it's pretty obvious and they're just covering for themselves.
Overall, it's an excellent book to make realistic looking LEGO models of guns.

I need to disclose that I received this book through the O'Reilly Blogger review program.

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