Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Review of Git Pocket Guide by Richard E. Silverman

At work, we are getting ready to start using Git for some code tracking and since I've never used Git before, I thought this would be a great reference to have around at work. It's good timing because I have been interested in trying things out at home on some other projects I have been tinkering with.
The first chapter does a good job in getting you acclimated to some of the basic terminology. I used SVN for a short while on a project and only learned the bare minimum to update my repository and check in a few edits I made for a project so this chapter was useful in getting me going.
The 8 or 9 chapters or so really just goes over the basics you need to know for using a Git as a way to track your coding changes and it has been very useful. It's basic enough that it gets you going.
The last few chapters I haven't really delved into as much but I can see them being useful for those that need it. I'm not at that point yet but I can assume it's good.
Then the final chapter is like a FAQ and is nice.
I would recommend this to anyone that is new to Git like I am.

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